Jappler Recommends: Carnivale

There have been some great HBO shows that almost everyone has at least heard about…Sopranos, Sex and the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, but not many people are aware of one of their best series (in my opinion) Carnivale. This is a great look at good v. evil in a great, yet mysterious time after the first World War. If you are looking for something interesting to watch during your upcoming holiday break – put this series on your Netflix list.

Full TV Episodes on Your Computer, Take Two

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how you can legally watch almost all network shows on their web site. I wanted to follow up with some comments and afterthoughts. First, I feel it is necessary to say something about each network’s video player. (ABC, CBS, NBC)
Best Online Video Experience Rating

  1. ABC. By far, ABC has the best player. There are plenty of shows available, the video is crisp, it loads fast (little to no waiting), the commercials interruptions are not too frequent, and the UI is great. Overall, it is well put together.
  2. CBS. I have not watched many CBS shows online, but from what I have seen so far, I would rate their player only second to ABC. The show selection is pretty impressive (perhaps the most impressive – but I am partial…they have my soap available). The video loads fast, but is not as crisp as ABC. I think the commercials are done better then ABC (they are less disruptive and fewer). The UI is not as intuitive as ABC, but overall they did a great job
  3. NBC. This is the last network I turn to when nothing good is on TV. The video is ok, but the commercials are spliced in so poorly that it looks like something done by someone with actual film, tape, and scissors. The selection is not as good as the other two networks, and to be honest, I had the highest hopes for NBC. (I see NBC as the Yankee team in the big networks league (most wealthy). They have a lot of room for improvement.

Overall – if you STILL have not checked these full episode catalogs out – don’t you dare complain when “nothing is on”. I am sure you could find something you missed or wanted to check out but never did.

Full TV Episodes on the Web (Legal)

I have been watching TV shows on the web through the big Network’s web sites (ABC, CBS, NBC) for a little over a year now when the TiVO or the TiVO user fails to catch a show I am interested in, but I really had not checked out all the big network’s full episode catalogs in awhile. I mainly go to ABC to catch up on Brothers and Sisters and had also decided to check out a few new series (I really like Car Poolers). I then decided to go to CBS and NBC’s catalogs and I was very impressed! I can even watch my soap opera Guiding Light – in full – from anywhere I have a web browser and a high speed connection. If you have not checked out the “full episode” sections of ABC, CBS, and NBC – do so next time you find yourself flipping aimlessly through the channels. There is a good chance you missed an episode of something you watch – which is now available for you free!

It's That Time of the Year Again!

Life does not get too much better than Penn State football Saturdays…and this year should be one of the best years of all time. Why? First and foremost – this will be the first full season for my son. He was born last December and saw his first Penn State bowl game (PSU won), but I really look forward to the entire season. Second, we now have the Big Ten Network. Third – we should have DirectTV HD installed as of next week. Here is to another great season with JoePa!

this day in history, 1945.

Any idea what happened in 1945 on this date? Is it me or do we not as Americans hear much about this? I can think of a lot of movies on World War II, but I cannot really think any that deal with the nuclear bombs the US dropped on Japan. As I type I am watching the HBO documentary: White Light, Black Rain which is very well done (at least what I have seen so far). If you get HBO, I would recommend watching.

Busy Busy…

It is now after 8pm and I just got through my email for the day. I am not sure how it is with other self employed people, but by far Monday is always the busiest day. Time to sit back and watch some Big Love before I have to enjoy a day full of meetings. Hopefully by the end of the week, I will be able to finish up my CSS containers series.

tagging with tivo!

I recently got a second TiVo and hooked it up last night and to my delight, when I upgraded the software, I found out that I could now use tags with TiVo. First tag I will put in? “Sela Ward” followed by “Chicago”. I am a nut for Sela’s work as well as all movies/shows based in Chicago. Nice work TiVo!

Where Are the Cicadas?

There has been plenty of cicada talk here in the midwest concerning the 17 year cicada. The news covered weddings being rescheduled, teachers at school were making “cicada hats” with their students to try and lessen the scariness of the bugs, and of course, the great Walter E. Smithe commercial. No sign of the bugs yet, but I did want to share the insane commercial for a local furniture chain. Yes – furniture. These guys have a great sense of humor!

Ninja Warrior Marathon

I am not sure if anyone else caught the Ninja Warrior but I was pretty worthless between that and having out of town guest here (who I also made them watch it too). This show contains so many great qualities: impossible obstacles, stories of the competitors and one really excited announcer. I am so happy I found this show!

ninja warrior!

I have been up late the last few nights and on Sunday I caught my first episode of Ninja Warrior on G4 TV. This is an amazing show and before you think you would not enjoy it – check out when it is on next and give it a try. The competitors have amazing strength – mental and physical and it is an awesome show. Want to see some Ninja Warrior in action now? Watch the videos on the G4 web site.