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Chicago Jappler Recommends TV

Thursday Linkfest: June 18, 2009

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This week flew by – but I actually found a number of links very interesting over the last seven days. Chicagoland fishing information and reports How to ditch cable but still have quality TV programming options (thanks @htoddcarter) – TiVO again and again proves it is the coolest thing around. You can find shows available on and send them to your TiVo. ESPN 360 – Oh my – I am so close to canceling my $100+ a month cable. This becomes available for Comcast high speed internet subscribers on August 1. If it proves to work well for... Read More » Read more

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Media Mondays: Harper's Island

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I did not start watching the series Harper’s Island until two weeks ago – but have since caught up on all the episodes and would recommend it to anyone who is not afraid of some horror-like plot lines. I was surprised how good it was and eagerly await the new episodes – even if there are only a handful left. If you are bored – or cannot find anything on TV – check it out on CBS’s web site where you can watch all the episodes online for free! Read more

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Completed: One Life Goal and One 2009 Goal

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Every Easter my family went to Myrtle Beach for a week to two weeks and we stayed in my mother’s cousin’s beach house. Alone, that was exciting, but what was mesmerizing was this thing called “cable”. Sure – cable was around when I was younger, but my parents thought channels 2-13 were enough for us. I would love going to Myrtle Beach and then watching this crazy comedian named Gallagher. Ever since I first saw his great Sledge-O-Matic – I decided I had to see him live…and I am finally going to next month. He is coming to the Chicagoland... Read More » Read more

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TiVo Mobile

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I am a huge TiVo fan (TiVO – not your clunky generic DVR). Outside of TiVo – I cannot thinkg of anything I have used/seen technologically that have worked as expected for years now and still after years of the same – are still as impressive to me as the first time I used them. Skip commercials, view all my photos from my computers, listen to any music I have encoded on my computers, check weather, play games, order videos, season pass shows across multiple channels, record shows by actor, etc, all while being fast and looking and sounding great.... Read More » Read more


Losing a Family…

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Yes – I have heard. I have received multiple email messages and concerned phone calls. The soap opera – Guiding Light – that my grandmother listened to on the radio, my mother watched on the TV, and that I have watched ever since the 1980s is going to be cancelled in September. I very disappointed and after watching Guiding Light over the years with just about everyone I know at some time or another…very sad that my “second family” will no longer be around. (As crazy as it sounds, after watching the same show every day (I TiVo it every... Read More » Read more

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How Late Will I Be Up Tonight?

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Each year I enjoy staying up as late as I can so I can go to bed knowing who got elected. The past two elections have made this a little difficult, but I am hoping this year to make it until Barrack gives either speech at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. I hope to go to bed happy this year…at a decent time! Regardless of who wins, this is an exciting day. I look forward to seeing how many people actually vote, what the voting issues were, and how the voting process will change (or most likely not change) in... Read More » Read more

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My New Favorite HBO Show: Real Time with Bill Maher

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I have been in a HBO slump for awhile now. The Wire and Sopranos are done. Curb Your Enthusiasm nor any other show I am really excited about is on…so I started to question why I was paying to get HBO. A few weeks ago I happened to catch Real Time with Bill Maher and really enjoyed it. I enjoy his humor, outlook on politics, and guests that really make for an interesting look at what is going on in politics today. I am sure Ken would pretty much hate him – but he does make an effort to bring... Read More » Read more

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HD Finally!

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Phew – finally after I much frustration and a crappy picture – I am making the move to HD. We wanted to get HD a year or so ago when I first bought the big HD TV, but Comcast did not offer the Big Ten Network (for all our Penn State games) and DirecTV could not get all the needed HD signals because of a few trees in our yard. This week I was determined to get HD so it was a matter of either getting some trees trimmed or hoping Comcast and the Big Ten Network finally came to... Read More » Read more