Made Me Feel Tall…

I recently had some work done on our LR4 and the mechanic had a Ferrari in the showroom. This was the first time I ever sat in one and I could not get over how low to the ground/short it was. Fortunately for me – my legs are short and I could fit in the car. I am not sure how people much taller than me can feel comfortable in this car – but it was really cool to experience.

Fortunately Cora also went with me and got to sit in it as well. Not too much longer and she could actually reach the pedals/see out the windshield. Help us all…

Volvo Life Paint

If you have not heard of this and you are a runner or cyclist – check this out: LifePaint

Note – this would also be awesome to use on anyone playing hide and go seek at night – without their knowledge! In all seriousness though – this is a great idea and I hope it helps make the streets safer for bikers/runners.

Well Hello to the Volvo S90!

Of the three cars I have ever owned, all of them have been Volvos. When Ford purchased Volvo back I figured it was the end for Volvo. Although I am still rocking my 2000 S80 – I have been thinking about what I would drive next. No Volvo over the last ten years really excited me and all of them seemed like some “high end” Ford that did not have anything that made it special. I was excited to see how Jaguar changed after being sold by Ford and was hoping the same would be true for my beloved car company Volvo. A few years ago, Volvo was sold and I patiently awaited the rebirth of their amazing car line. Thankfully, the wait is finally over. Volvo recently announced their new S90 which looks amazing inside and out.

Half profile Volvo S90 Mussel Blue

Half profile Volvo S90 Mussel Blue

For the first time in a long time Volvo announced a car that looks very promising as well as looks like a return to the Volvo I know and love. I am very excited to test drive it in the next few months and regardless if I end up buying one – I am glad to see Volvo back on track. Nice work Volvo and welcome back!


My Volvo

Last weekend I decided it was time to sell my car and buy something I have been dreaming about for the last few years. My car – which was the car of my dreams in college – was now 13 years old and I was getting frustrated with a few issues.

Friday night I cleaned out my car, took pictures of it, and pumped myself up for buying a new car (a process which I love). Saturday I arrived at the car dealership ready to test drive the new car and make the deal. I test drove the car, loved it, and then sat down thinking “this is finally going to happen”. I had looked up how much my car was worth and was sure I could get a decent amount. When the dealer came back with a number that was not satisfactory – an unwilling to budge I was completely not prepared. How could I let my car go for so little when, like the dealer told me, it was worth more to me than anyone else. As I took a deep breath, I in that moment realized something – I really did not want to sell my car. I always told everyone this is the car that I want my kids to drive when they are old enough (my oldest is 6).

Not selling my car quickly went from a disappointment to a big relief. I realized I could fix the minor things that were bothering me, live with a few others, but really have more time to enjoy driving it. I always wanted to drive an old Volvo – and that is exactly what I was doing.

The lesson I walked away with:

Focus on what you love, not what you do not love.

I had spent too much time focusing on a handful of issues vs. that I actually was driving a great car, a car I had as my desktop picture back in college. If you spend too much time focused on the negative – you can miss the positive right in front of you.

Still Going After 300,000


If you know me – you know I am a big Volvo fan. My first car was a 1986 Volvo GLE and despite what my family will say – it was a great car. I have carried the Volvo torch now and am on my third Volvo – my beloved S80 T6. While I love Volvo cars for many things – I am always impressed with how people drive them, and drive them, give them to their kids, and then they drive them even more. The other day while at the store – we parked next to a Volvo with a badge (you can get badges for each 100,000 mile mark you pass). I have seen a number of 100,000 badges (and I am close to getting my own), but I saw something I had never seen before – a 300,000 mile badge. At that point I took a look at the actual mileage and saw this car was actually at 361,000. Not too bad! I hope I can hit 200,000 with my current car but to even think about 361,000 – that was a treat to see. Cheers to the owner!

Land Rover's New Concept Car: DC 100

Credits: Land Rover

Yesterday I got an email highlighting Land Rover’s latest concept car – the DC 100. I love to see new concept cars so I was excited to see what they would show us. I am still on the fence about this concept but I need to let it simmer. Overall – I really like what they did with the wheels and the back profile. I am not really excited about the the body shapes. It will be interesting to see how this develops over the next few years – stay tuned!

Crossing Through Pennsylvania

On our recent trip east – we crossed completely through Pennsylvania twice and this was just west of Lockhaven, PA. We had to exit off of 80 for a gas/Mt. Dew break and as we were getting ready to turn right – we had to wait while the horse and buggy went by first. Needless to say, you just never know what you are going to see next.

LandRover Event – Year 2

Last year right after we bought the LR3 – we decided to do a LandRover sponsored event to learn just what the vehicle is made for/can do (besides look really sweet). We got some video/photos but they just did not see to do what we did justice. This year we brought some friends along who also got some photos/videos.

Please note – the commentary in the video may not always be pleasant – this was the first part of the first course in which we were the first non-dealer car to go through everything.


This is not your average SUV.

This is not us – but you can see how amazing these vehicles are:

Jappler Recommends: Patrick LandRover

If anything – I am a loyal customer. Once I find something I like and trust – I generally stay with it for the long haul. I have been nothing but happy with my Volvos and my Volvo service experience with Patrick Volvo in Schaumburg, IL.

When it came time to upgrade our 2002 Land Rover Discovery – we decided to give the Patrick Land Rover dealer in Naperville, IL. Within moments of getting out of the car – we had a friendly salesman come over and not hassle or hurry us at all. He was extremely interested in buying the Discovery we drove there (they are hot items) and we took a few test drives in some of their LR3s. The LR3s are basically an upgraded version of the since discontinued Discoveries which are much more elegant than the Discoveries but still built for the off road adventures that Land Rover is known for.

Once we found the one we wanted to buy (2008 LR3), the manager took a look at the Discovery and offered a very reasonable offer on the car we drove in, and I actually got him to go up $500 – which I would have been fine if he did not. There was no long drawn out back and forth – and we were able to move through the process. We then moved over to the finance manager which was very nice and we moved through all the paperwork very quickly.

Over all process was completely stress and hassle free – and I appreciated that. If you are from the Chicagoland area and looking for a new car – check out the Patrick dealer group before going anywhere else. The level of professionalism was and has been top notch.

Side Note:
While we were going through the process I realized that the LR3 did not have any floor mats (a mistake I made with 2 previous car purchases). Knowing the driver side floor mat retailed for $267 (there was an ad on the car salesman’s desk we were at) – I knew if I wanted to purchase Land Rover floor mats – I would have been out another few hundred dollars easily. I mentioned it to the salesman and he told me to bring it up to the finance guy. I told the finance guy and he told me to go talk to the salesman who promptly told me it was up to the Business Manager.

I walked into the Business Manager’s office and said “I was told you were going to give us some floor mats since they were missing from the vehicle”. He looked at me and told me I was crazy because that was easily and extra few hundred dollars. I did not give up and told him that he was going to make a few thousand on the car we traded in and that this would be nothing compared to that. I think I caught him off guard because he stood there for a moment and then came back with “if I make $1500 on it after commission, etc I will call you”. I said great – I will expect a call in a few days since our car salesman already had someone picked out for the Disco we brought in. I told him I would be checking inventory daily.

I think he was getting tired of me – and so he asked me (to change the subject) if I had ever taken the Land Rover to one of the Land Rover events (they set up off road courses). I told him no and so he went over and got a book to show me the photos from last year’s event. The first page included a few Land Rovers covered in mud and I said “wow – it really looks like a lot of fun…and it looks like I will certainly need some floor mats for that!”. He laughed and kept going through the book. A few pages later he was showing us a LR3 on a “teeter totter” and the winner of this balancing event won prizes. I said – “wow – that is really cool. I hope the prizes included floor mats”.

After that – I finally broke him down and guess what? I got the floor mats 😉 Phew.