triscuit update.

Ah Triscuit. She is such a champ. She now officially loves using a pillow (like in the picture from yesterday’s post), and is not limping as bad as Sunday. Of course, she walks perfect when other dogs are around, but getting up out of bed is still a little hard. She does not too much of an appetite unless McDonald’s hamburgers or dog ice cream are offered, but I am sure she will get it once she is off her medication. Tomorrow we have to change the bandages on her feet. It has been fun to watch Pita and Salsa react to their large sister…they circle Triscuit closer than usual. Not too much else to report.


Well, after deciding we needed to treat Triscuit to a nice fun day, we packed up the car and took her to a local dog training club that was having a “Save the miniature pinchers” fundraiser. For a small fee, you could have your dog partake in lure coursing. Since Triscuit is a retired racer and a sight hound, we knew she would love it. We were right, she loved it alright. But on her second time doing the lure coursing, she took a corner too big, ran into a spectator bench and jammed her shoulder (slight cut/bruised muscle), and then took the next corner too big again, ran over some cement, and the cement took off her the skin on her toe pads from 3 of four feet. Ouch. Triscuit cried and barked…walked away fine, but when she got home, she was limping pretty bad. We had no idea her feet were such a mess until I went over to massage her shoulder and looked down at her feet. A and I almost threw up, but emailed the vet, got some bandages, and gave her some TLC. The vet looked at her feet today, cut most of what was left on her little feet of toe pad skin, put her on antibiotics and pain medication, and warned us they would be really sensitive for awhile, as well as their is a good chance this would happen again. She has been a champ through all of this, but is always hard to see a pet in pain. I was crying on the phone when making the appointment today 😉 My little girl. I thought I would share some pictures of my #1 patient.

Triscuit's little feet Triscuit Brusied Shoulder

amazing photographs.

One thing led to another, yada yada yada, and I ended up at this amazing web site which has spectacular photographs.
There is something about photographing the simple things in life that I absolutely love…I am not sure how to explain it, but this photographer captures some wonderful emotion with his focus on simple (or are they complicated?) objects. One of my favorites: Enjoy.

Need a Date? Get a Dog!

About three months ago, my girlfriend and I adopted a retired greyhound. She is absolutely wonderful (the dog 😉 ) and we are very happy we adopted her. There were plenty of things we did not expect since this was our first dog, such as her love for hotdogs and the fact that she sleeps more than our cats, but of everything…her ability to attract all kinds of people blew me away. During our afternoon walks, I have had people approach me by foot, people pull over from the road, and people yell at us from cars at traffic lights…all to comment on how beautiful she is. I did not know many of our neighbors until I started walking my dog, then all the sudden I have become famous. “Oh, so this is Triscuit…we have heard about her.” “Was she abused?” “Have you seen her race?” The questions are endless and everyone wants to stop and chat. Triscuit even has a group of dog friends that like to visit with her when they are out on their walks. For tonight’s take home assignment, watch the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode where Larry has issues with the “stop and chat”.

Wire and Paper the New Cat Toys!

Well…having two cats, one who eats paper and the other who prefers wire, I have given up on buying them cat toys. (well, I still do, but the dog plays with them…but that is another story.) I just wanted to share my frustration…it is 4am and I am enjoying the last hour or so of sleep before I have to get up for work but then I hear a crunch, a rip, and a tear. The oldest cat has decided to get attention by eating my bills, magazines, or bookcovers. The youngest cat is sleeping still and looking very cute to my right, but her time will come. Now fast forward to 430pm when I am playing SoCom II with my old clan members. I push the talk button and within a second, Salsa has gone Matrix-slow-motion on me and has bitten through my headset…my second headset. This is headset number two that she has bitten through. The first…ok, I can take that. I let her sit by the wire one day. This time…it was obvious she had been taking notes during the Matrix. PS, she bit through a mouse last week. What is the deal? What happened to playing with little cute soft toys?