Camp Greyhound Summer 2007

Once again I am watching our friend’s two greyhounds and decided I needed to get some video of the action. It has become harder and harder to make them run together because our dog (the fawn) has increasingly got more competitive (more comfortable) with her friends. Enjoy. PS – Gopher got his name for his buck teeth which I could not seem to capture.

Where Are the Cicadas?

There has been plenty of cicada talk here in the midwest concerning the 17 year cicada. The news covered weddings being rescheduled, teachers at school were making “cicada hats” with their students to try and lessen the scariness of the bugs, and of course, the great Walter E. Smithe commercial. No sign of the bugs yet, but I did want to share the insane commercial for a local furniture chain. Yes – furniture. These guys have a great sense of humor!

a day of birthdays.


A quick post to wish my youngest cat – Salsa – a happy birthday (and the iMac) I have been swamped the last few days but think I have figured out how to properly set up MediaWiki to use user permissions without having to hack something together. Now to get some time together to implement it. 😉
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time to take a big deep breath.

The last week has been absolutely crazy.

  • I had a house full of house guests from Thursday until Sunday
  • Amy and I brought Ava to her new home on Saturday where she has a 14 year old greyhound sister as well as a beagle too
  • Huge storms here on Sunday/Monday…so strong our front door (glass/screen) swung way open and shattered)
  • Ookles is no longer a secret and I have tons more to do!
  • I fought, once again, to get my SSL cert in order with Apache and mod_ssl (damn IE and the ciphers)
  • Network Solutions had an outage this morning for two hours
  • My iPod died…well sort of (more later)
  • In typical Jen style…when I am busy, I redesign, so jappler v14 came out
  • I missed Pita’s birthday 🙁 (April 1)

I seriously need a vacation!!
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ava update.

Well, it is coming up on three weeks now that we have had Ava. She has been a joy to have and we are excited to say Greyhounds Only has most likely found a permanent home for Ava. I realize I do not post enough pictures, so I am going to try to do a better job from now on. Enjoy the updated pictures!

Triscuit and Ava Ava Triscuit Triscuit and Ava
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from the train.

On my way into work I thought about how better to allocate my time so I can fit in time to relax. (sad, I know) I ended up thinking I could save some time at night by blogging on my way home on the train…so here I go.

The last few days have been challenging. Ava, my foster greyhound that I took in, is causing me to break out in hives. I had been taking benedryl to control it but that left me extremely drowsy and unable to work.
I got a perscription today from my doctor to help with this and hope that I can go through the weekend without having an allergic reaction.

Other than Ava giving me hives, she has been a wonderful dog. She snuggles, is very personable, plays fetch like a champ, and gives my own greyhound a run for her money. Triscuit is trying to figure out the fetch concept and has made me laugh in the process.

Anyone looking for a low maintenance dog breed that will come into your home pretty well trained…consider a greyhound.

New Family Member: Ava.

Amy and I have been involved in Greyhounds Only for a few years now and we recently went to a fostering seminar with hopes of fostering new or returned greyhounds. I picked up Ava this afternoon from a pretty sketchy home. Her nails were extremely long and her ears were fithly, but she cuddled with me right away and did wonderfully on her trip with me to her new home. Time will tell if she is the right dog for us (Triscuit) or if someone else will be lucky enough to spend time with her. For now, here are some pictures of Triscuit, Salsa, and Ava. Pita is a bit camera shy.

Triscuit Triscuit Salsa

Ava Ava and Triscuit Triscuit and Ava

cool findings.

Over the past few weeks, I have found a number of really cool things that I wanted to note.

  • Find images visually with Retrievr.
  • Google Analytics. Most people have access to web statistics via their web host, or have purchased web statistics software, but this is really cool, and really easy.
  • Google Sitemaps. I have been using this for awhile. I first found this when I began working with XOOPS, then started using it with this web site. This is a great way to make sure your site is submitted to Google’s search index, then look at reports about your site.
  • Information USA. I am not sure how I mangaged to get to this web site, but it is full of just about everything you would ever want/need to know about the USA.
  • Super Cheap Stock Photos. Need a picture or two for a web site you are working on? Grab a few…with prices at $1-$3 per picture.
  • Triscuit has a new found trick – she can now “shake”! Good job Triscuit!
  • I also have a new found something…last night I learned and successfully played the first song Madonna played in public after learning the guitar: the first song in my Ground Zero movie Don’t Tell Me
  • Growl has been updated. I have written before about Growl so if you are a mac user and not using Growl yet, please try it!

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