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Something to Think About…

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My favorite boxer Canelo Alvarez posted something this morning with a powerful message which I absolutely love: “One day or day one. Your choice.” Read more

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Now Watching: Kath & Kim

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Last week I was looking for a new show to watch and someone recommended a show called Kath & Kim. My friend that recommended the show grew up in Australia and she said it was “uniquely Aussie” and that I would love it. Read more

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Uncertainty Brings Certainty

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I follow the Dalai Lama on Twitter (@DalaiLama) and every once and awhile one of his tweets really hits home. These last few months have been challenging in so many ways. For me – it is a constant struggle between the known, the unknown and the interpretations of everything in between. Read more

This and That

2020 Garden

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Yesterday we finally had a nice day to get our vegetable garden in order. This year Evan helped me build some support for our sugar snap peas and really enjoyed the process. We got everything prepared, planted, and ready to go for another year of gardening. In other areas of our yard we also have asparagus (already coming up), sun flowers, blackberries, and raspberries growing. Read more

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Beating Home Shelter Anxiety

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With extra time on our hands during the “shelter in home” times – I have been trying to keep my mind off all the uncertainties by doing tasks around the house. If you find yourself with a wandering mind and increased anxiety – try doing one or some of the following. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as well as have a break from the anxiety and/or boredom. Read more