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serving apache on a local (not address).

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If you ever need to serve a web site for, let’s say a presentation, on a local address and need to connect to another computer…perhaps your database/ Web Objects server locally as well, and you are running Mac OS X…then I have some information for you. If you want to serve the web site on and have your other server on, open the terminal and type in: sudo ifconfig en0 This will change the IP address. (changing the IP address in the network control panel was not enough) Next, edit the apache conf file: sudo pico /etc/httpd/httpd.conf... Read More » Read more

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google alert.

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Ever since I started monitoring what search engine robots indexed on my web sites, I have also been using Google Alert. Google sends me reports (html email or plain text, your choice) of any web site that has been indexed with keywords that you specify. Not only can you make sure Google is following the rules set up in your robots.txt document, but you can also see what other web sites are being picked up by certain keywords that you use to attract users. Google Alert is free and very useful and I would recommend using it if you want... Read More » Read more

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Web Hosts, A Journey

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I had been wanting to move my personal web site on a server that supported both PHP and MySQL for awhile since I started working with the two technologies. After talking to a friend about it, he suggested I find a host and do month to month billing until I am satisfied with the hosting company. My first stop on the hosting journey: TowerHost. TowerHost had great prices and good plans, but horrible support. Ex. They offered IMAP mail, yet do a search in their support section for IMAP, nothing. I filled out a support form, and it took over... Read More » Read more

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Tiger Server 10.4 Makes Me Growl

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Well it is WWDC time and Apple has released information about my friend and your’s Mac OS X Server, the new improved version. We finally get mobile home directories, I am really excited about that, but then Apple talks about “Certificate management”….gee I wonder if you can rename the cert files (when you serve more than one site) and have apache start? That might be too much to ask, but I am glad Apple thinks it is something to mention. I also wonder how they are going to address the change ip issue. Time will tell, but I will not... Read More » Read more

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Mac OS X Server, Apple, A Truce Please?

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Well…one look at the “Safari cannot connect to localhost because your computer is connected to the internet” message I received yesterday while trying to view my web site while on the train and I about lost it. After I hacked the apache conf, that was enough for me to put up the white flag when dealing with Mac OS X Server. Apple needs to hire me or some other apache/mac based person to tweak the apache conf in Mac OS X Server. I am so frustrated at this point I am going to throw Mac OS X client on my... Read More » Read more

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Little Tech Reminders

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I often perform the same tasks over and over and yet forget some little thing. This post is a reminder for me. General Apple hints. What to do when you get the “Do not enter sign”. (besides wonder how to describe it while searching for a solution) Starting up in target disk mode: hold down “t” Starting up in single user mode: hold down Apple +”s” How to set up open firmware password protection Command to check for user preference errors: sudo plutil -s ~/Library/Preferences/*.plist Mac OS X Server hints, aka Industrial Strength hints. Don’t change Mac OS X Server’s... Read More » Read more

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Apache Support

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After spending the weekend with my parents, proud new owners of a G4 14″ iBook, I realized why I get paid the big bucks for administering computers/servers. The biggest contribution to my wealth: I read manuals. I also frequent application specific support web sites, and I sign up for listervs. I have been working with Apache for four years and have been able to learn a lot about it through all of the usual support mechanisms, but Apache also offers something great for problems that cannot wait: an irc channel with some of the best and brightest Apache developers and... Read More » Read more