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Media Mondays: Q101's Phone Taps

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I generally do not listen to the radio, but I really enjoy listening to Chicago’s Q101 in the mornings and afternoons just to hear the fun phone taps. What is this I speak of? Think Jerky Boys, but better. Basically- people set up their friends to get a call from a woman called Clarissa Jenkins who becomes more and more inappropriate as the call goes on. You can listen to a few on the morning DJ’s MySpace page. These are not for someone who is offended easily – and if you go to on your iPhone – you can... Read More » Read more

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What Am I Listening To These Days?

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People that know me, know I like to listen to my music with the volume cranked up, that I work better with music in the background, and that I am passionate about great music. For the last few years, I have really gotten into vocal trance (dance music that is a bit more edgy/hard than what you would hear on the radio). I listen to a lot of great podcasts and wanted to let others out there (like my sister) know that there is some great music (free) out there. Mondo Sessions (Check out June 2007 – this is my... Read More » Read more