Glam Scum

I have recently become a fan of a DJ by the name of The Scumfrog and have really enjoyed his podcast called “Glam Scum International”. If you like electronica/club/vocal trance – give him a shot. Make sure to check out episode 8 first (my favorite so far).

Looking for Some Recommended Music?

Music is very important to me. I listen to music for at least 8-9 hours a day (all day while working, 1 hour in the car a day). It has been awhile since I posted anything on the podcasts I subscribe to via iTunes and I wanted to update the list incase you were curious. I generally listen to upbeat trance/vocal trance/dj mixes which gets me pumped up to do just about any task so if you are looking for something different or what I would consider worthwhile – here is what I am listening to (do a search in iTunes):

  • Above & Beyond: Trance Around The World
  • Burners
  • The Mondo Sessions
  • Preach’s “Transatlantic” Radio Show
  • Radio 538: Dance Department
  • Radio 538: Tiësto`s club life podcast
  • Shake Down Trance Podcast
  • A State Of Trance Official Podcast
  • transitions’s Podcast (John Digweed)

If you are looking for the best mix in my opinion: download episode 150 of THE PERFECT MIX™! It is 4 hours – and it is fabulous.


A friend of mine recently told me I need to buy this “really cool iPhone application” called Ocarina…so no questions asked…I purchsed it for $.99. From the creator’s web site:

Ocarina is the first true musical instrument created for the iPhone. Both experts and beginners will be amazed by this innovative player. Ocarina is sensitive to your breath, touch and movements, making it even more versatile than the original. Unlike other musical applications, there are no pre-compiled riffs so musicians will find unlimited opportunities for self-expression.

Still confused?
Check this out:

My guess is my sister will go on tour with this!

Music and My Life

I listen to music almost all day, everyday. Yesterday I grabbed the latest NIN album from: and it made me think about how the music stage is really evolving.

I realize there have been several recent changes that have really made everyone look at music and music distribution differently – but this was a big eye opener for me. I spent a good part of my life in music stores 60 miles away from my house (because that was the closest) while my mother was clothes shopping in the mall. I spent Saturday or Sunday afternoons leafing through CD after CD trying to figure out which one I was going to buy and then listen to on my Sony Discman on the hour ride home while my mother listened to her “oldies” on the radio.

I spent my college years doing the same thing, but this time I could walk to the record stores and I also had the option of looking at used CDs as well. Within the first six weeks of my stay at Penn State, I shelled out over $700 to buy all the NIN imports I could get my hands on.

I spent a lot of money on stereo equipment, speakers, and made sure my car had a great sound system because I love to listen to my music.

In the past ten years how I listen to, manage, and get new music has drastically changed. I cannot tell you the last time I was in a music store or what the last “physical” CD I bought. Most artists I listen to are not known to most because their music comes to me not through the radio, but through podcasts of their latest shows or featured on someone else’s podcasts. All my music purchases are through the iTunes music store (of course) and the most of my purchases are based on something I have heard on a podcast. Even though I have bookshelves full of CDs, I listen to my music through my computers, networked TiVOs or my iPhone. I do not even own a “CD player” besides the one in my car.

How does this all tie into the latest NIN album? The point I am trying to make is that almost all the music I listen to, enjoy, and think is the best stuff out there, is free (and legal) and from the internet…and the artists are pushing it like that. I think of telling my son when he gets older about how I had to drive 60 miles to buy the latest NIN album and it seems so antiquated when I downloaded the lastest one in a matter of minutes from my desk. I am very curious to see where this goes and if other artists will join Radiohead and NIN. This is a perfect example of when free is good and good is free. 😉

What Am I Listening To These Days?

People that know me, know I like to listen to my music with the volume cranked up, that I work better with music in the background, and that I am passionate about great music. For the last few years, I have really gotten into vocal trance (dance music that is a bit more edgy/hard than what you would hear on the radio). I listen to a lot of great podcasts and wanted to let others out there (like my sister) know that there is some great music (free) out there.

They are free – so check them out!

Jappler Recommends: Amy Winehouse

I have been in a music rut for awhile now – I have not changed the CDs in my car’s CD changer for multiple weeks, not because I am lazy, but because I cannot think of anything I really want to listen to while driving. I generally listen to either some sort of electronica/DJ music (think Carl Cox or Corderoy) or classic rock of some sorts. A few days ago I briefly switched on the radio and heard something that really grabbed my attention: Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” song which is very R&B/soul sounding. It is a very classic sounding song and I think my mother even like it! Anyways – it is definitely worth checking out! Nice work Amy!