Beatport: Where I Get My Latest Mixes

I listen to a lot of DJ mixes and often find an awesome remix, Shazam it and come up with nothing (not the right remix) from the Apple iTunes store. Luckily enough – just when you thought you were out of luck – you have another option: Beatport I generally keep up with their Top Ten as well – and find that I am about 1-2 weeks ahead of the radio stations on what is the “it songs”. (Example: Summertime Sadness – well before the radio started playing it non-stop).

So – next time you are looking for a remix you cannot find on the Apple iTunes store – make sure you check out Beatport.

Madonna – See You in September

I have been a Madonna fan for as long as I can remember. I finally saw her in concert last time she came around and it was amazing. I am super excited to say yesterday I got really good tickets for her September show here in Chicago. She is truly amazing and I look forward to another great show! Anyone else going to be there?

DJ Dan Morrell

Every once and awhile I come across music that I really enjoy. If you like upbeat dance music – check out Chicago’s very ownDJ Dan Morrell. Make sure you check out his podcasts. I have bought more music after listening to them than I have in a long time! Good stuff.

Anything else? Yes – he also plays the guitar. Watch the video…

New Beastie Boys Album

There are some artists that I feel like I have been listening to forever and Beastie Boys are definitely in this list. I remember trading 3 blank tapes to one of my third grade classmates for Licensed to Ill. (I was so proud). The Beastie Boys have been a part of my life and as soon as I hear an album – I can tell you what was going on in my life when it came out.

I was happy to hear that the latest album is coming out next month so if you are like me and really excited about it – go to the Beastie Boy web site and check out a few tracks.

iTunes Web Interface

I have been enjoying Apple’s web interface to iTunes. Last week I wanted to pass on a link to one of my favorite podcasts and was able to send this link which allows you to listen/preview/subscribe to the podcast all via a web browser. Sharing has never been easier. PS – check out episode 281 EXTRA via that link – it is worth it!

Linkfest Thursday: July 9, 2009

Here are some links that I have found interesting over the last week or two – and hopefully you will as well.

Media Mondays: Radio 538 iPhone App

Picture 1 This week I recommend anyone who enjoys listening to Radio 538 (I love the Dance Department) – to download and use the Radio 538 iPhone App. (Julie – this means you). You can get the application for free using iTunes. Even though the controls are not in english – it is easy enough to figure out within a few seconds. With this app – you can listen to a variety of Radio 538 radio shows at any time – using WiFi or not. This app definitely made my first screen of apps on my iPhone.