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Favorite New Track

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Last month I heard this in a mix and it instantly stuck with me. Thankfully – it was released January 1, 2021. Read more


Quarantine Playlist

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If you know me – you know it is rare that I am not listening to music the majority of the day while I work, eat, and workout. During the quarantine – I put together a great playlist to capture the feelings I had during that challenging time. Read more

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My Latest Favorite Song

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Tinlicker · Dream With Somebody (Extended Mix) Every once and awhile you find that one song you cannot seem to hear enough. For me – “Dream With Somebody” by Tinlicker is that song and has been on repeat in my house/car for the last 5 days straight. Check it out… Read more

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Training Jack

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We have had Jack for over two years and training him was long overdue. Overall he is a good dog, but he definitely needs to go through some training to be a better listener and to make sure he knows where he stands in the pack. Read more

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Made Me Feel Tall…

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I recently had some work done on our LR4 and the mechanic had a Ferrari in the showroom. This was the first time I ever sat in one and I could not get over how low to the ground/short it was. Read more