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U2 Concert Last Night

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Last night three friends and I went to see U2 in concert. What a show! We had fantastic seats in the 17th row and U2 was as amazing as ever! I have seen U2 in concert a handful of times, but there was something this time that absolutely blew me away…the number of open cell phones used to take pictures and video. During the ballads, people did not whip out lighters, they whipped out their cell phones to use them to produce light. On another note, happy Friday the 13th! Read more


Finally, The Prodigy Releases a New CD!

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I still remember the day when a co-worker told me I would like this group called The Prodigy. Turns out she was right. That was back in 1997, today it is 2004…and it has been a long seven years since I had new material from them, but so far I really like the album. A big thanks to Doug at for letting me know it was out and available on Apple’s Music Store. And to think I was going to buy the CD! I am finally with the times. Read more