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General Hints UNIX

network help.

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Well. Today I relived my college days as a student taking Math 110 (Business Calculus). I felt like I understood…so much that I thought I got a 90% or above on the exam…then reality would set in and I would get a 47%. Welcome to 2004, Networking/DNS now replaces Math 110…and I am stuck on trying to understand subnets. All day long tryng to figure all this out…but I have to say, I stumbled upon a great resource, and the reason for my posting: I hope others can benefit from this great resource like I did. I look forward... Read More » Read more

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configuring ipfw on mac os x 10.3.

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Sometimes the GUI is awesome. Sometimes you just need more control over your conf files that the GUI offers. I wanted to have more specific firewall rules for my computers and servers running Mac OS X Client, more than the default OS X 10.3 built-in firewall configuration that is provided. First, let’s look at all the files involved with Apple’s default firewall. System Preferences: Sharing: Firewall tab.If you want the security of a basic firewall, you can simply “start” the firewall. Using this option, Mac OS X will look at what services you have enabled (ex. Personal File Sharing, FTP,... Read More » Read more

General Hints UNIX

helpful UNIX commands.

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Well, I am halfway through my UNIX filesystem training and I wanted to share some useful commands I have learned along the way: grep -i = grep ignoring cases grep -v name = grep ignoring all lines with “name” in it grep word * = grep in the current directory for all lines with “word” in it pwd = command to tell you waht directory you are in cat = will display files quickly (like pico but read only) hitting “q ” in while viewing a man page or other text will take you to a prompt less = reads... Read More » Read more

General Hints HOWTOs Web Development

encoding email addresses.

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Spam. We are all sick of it. Contact information…if you have a web site it is most likely you will need to post your contact information (email address) somewhere. To stop robots from spidering your email address, I would suggest encoding it. Yeah, if you notice my email address is not always encoded on my personal sites, but all email address on any non password protected page on my professional sites are always encoded, using the Email Address Enocder on a web site I found years back. So if you are tired of spam and you want to do something... Read More » Read more

Apple Hints

iCal tips and tricks.

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If there is one application Apple has released in the last few years that I should be using more, it is iCal. There are lots of little tricks and cool stuff you can do with iCal…like my favorite: In a terminal window type: cat /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history | grep McDonald and look at the goodies. Yes, I was a big fan of hunting for Easter Eggs as the new versions of pre-OS X cam out. Now I am too busy. (Sad) Anyway, for cool tricks and some good tips, general calendars, and iCal support, check out: Read more

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rsync: synch both boot and data volumes.

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If you have mission critical servers, you know that a backup is essential. I do not want my mission critical web server to go down. Along comes rsync. How to set up rsync to synch my boot drive (and make it bootable) as well as synch my data files (html/php files): First, you will to set up passwordless ssh between your servers. This is a good tutorial, except make sure step #5 is actually: /var/root/.ssh/cat >> authorized_keys2 . Now you are ready to send data from your main server to the backup(s). Data I have a daily cron job... Read More » Read more

Apache Apple HOWTOs Mac OS X Server UNIX Web Development

redirecting to

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So you have a web server and one/some domain names. You want to have all requests to to go to most companies have this redirect in place (Apple is an example). I was stumped when I first set out to do this…so here is what I learned from our friends on the Apache mailing list. ServerName ServerAlias Redirect permanent / ServerName ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot /Volumes/www/ This set up in Apache will then redirect all requests to You cannot beat mailing lists’ support! [tags]apache, vhosts, redirect[/tags] Read more

Apache Hints HOWTOs UNIX Web Development

serving apache on a local (not address).

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If you ever need to serve a web site for, let’s say a presentation, on a local address and need to connect to another computer…perhaps your database/ Web Objects server locally as well, and you are running Mac OS X…then I have some information for you. If you want to serve the web site on and have your other server on, open the terminal and type in: sudo ifconfig en0 This will change the IP address. (changing the IP address in the network control panel was not enough) Next, edit the apache conf file: sudo pico /etc/httpd/httpd.conf... Read More » Read more

Hints Web Development

google alert.

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Ever since I started monitoring what search engine robots indexed on my web sites, I have also been using Google Alert. Google sends me reports (html email or plain text, your choice) of any web site that has been indexed with keywords that you specify. Not only can you make sure Google is following the rules set up in your robots.txt document, but you can also see what other web sites are being picked up by certain keywords that you use to attract users. Google Alert is free and very useful and I would recommend using it if you want... Read More » Read more

Hints People Standards

fisherman's dilemna, solved!

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Well, I have been fishing for the last few days, which I enjoy…but I do not enjoy the fishy smelling hands that I have after I get home. After 2 days of no solution…my not so in-law brother in law told me he finally figured out how to kill the smell: sun tan lotion. I had washed my hands 3 times at this point with no luck, so I tried it and it works great! No more fishy smell. Of course wash your hands first…but when the soap does not kill the smell, put some sun tan lotion on them... Read More » Read more