Not Yahoo! Over yahoo! Web Hosting

I have enjoyed looking at multiple hosting options through clients in the last few months. Yesterday I worked with Plesk on one account and another who uses Yahoo! for hosting. Just as I was getting ready to write a positive blog post on Yahoo’s web hosting I ran into a snag when uploading and preparing the WordPress site for my client…Yahoo! does not allow you to use mod_rewrite Permalinks. So instead of having nice URLs like /services/ and /contact/ you have to use ?page_d=4. Gross. So in short – if you are using WordPress and want to maintain it yourself (always have the latest, most secure version, etc) I do not recommend using Yahoo! for WordPress sites.

Jappler Recommends: Amy Winehouse

I have been in a music rut for awhile now – I have not changed the CDs in my car’s CD changer for multiple weeks, not because I am lazy, but because I cannot think of anything I really want to listen to while driving. I generally listen to either some sort of electronica/DJ music (think Carl Cox or Corderoy) or classic rock of some sorts. A few days ago I briefly switched on the radio and heard something that really grabbed my attention: Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” song which is very R&B/soul sounding. It is a very classic sounding song and I think my mother even like it! Anyways – it is definitely worth checking out! Nice work Amy!

jappler recommends: do not use for hosting.

Over the past few months I have had the chance to look at a number of hosting companies and their “control panels” by working with a number of clients. It seems as a number of people flock to because of it’s price (really cheap), but I have learned – once again – that you get what you pay for. If you want to have a very simple 1-5 page static web site, go for it – use whatever host you want. If you want anything else, after working with over 20 hosting companies, I can easily say that I would not go with Why?

  • The admin area (control panel) is horrible in general. Not intuitive at all.
  • No backup on demand (or scheduled) available
  • Working with .htaccess files is a pain – as they do not work right away, there is a “wait time”.
  • The admin area (control panel) is slow and sometimes even times out
  • Free support is almost non-existent
  • Creating a database is not instantaneous
  • Paid support (talk to someone) is a joke (at least in my experience)
  • I am not alone in my recommendation

I could go on, but I have a busy day ahead of me. What would I recommend? First of all, I have found that working with cPanel is very nice and easy to use control panel. After that, there are a number of good and bad hosts you can weed through. Personally, I have had excellent uptime and support from Liquid Web, but anything is almost better than the hosting.

squirrelmail 1.5

I have been a long time SquirrelMail web mail user (Since 1998). I have always relied on it when I needed to check my email if I was away from home or the office. Last month, I decided to dump SquirrelMail for RoundCube Webmail I was sick of the SquirrelMail interface and tired of waiting for the next release. After a few days with RoundCube Webmail – I have decided to go back to SquirrelMail because of it’s reliability and functionality. Although RoundCube Webmail is beautiful, it does not support rules (filters) or much of anything else – your mail is just “there”. SquirrelMail has all kinds of plugins to add in functionality and I have grown to appreciate it. Anyways – if you are thinking about installing a web mail package – I would recommend sticking with SquirrelMail – at least for now. I installed the latest development version (1.5.1) and have noticed that it is a lot peppier than the stable release and I have not had any problems so far. Now to make it prettier…

Safari on Windows XP

SafariAs a web developer, new browser releases both excite me and scare me. When I heard about Safari coming out for the PC (Beta available to download) I got pretty excited. I really like the speed of Safari on the Mac and was eager to see how it would perform on the PC.

For quality assurance testing, I have found if I can get everything to work in Safari – it is only a few steps, at most, to get everything working in my core browsers (IE 6, IE 7, Safari 2+, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2+) so I am eager to add Safari 3 into the mix. At first glance it was odd seeing the Safari icon on the Windows desktop, and the menu bar items within the browser window, but I have to say – all the sites rendered beautifully – finally for all those PC users. I am excited to see how this develops – good work Apple!

Get Serious About Backups

If there is one thing I cannot stand more than anything when it comes to computer support – it is failure to have a backup strategy. If you have pictures, email, documents, music, videos, etc that you consider valuable – do something about it. There are many ways to easily backup your personal data and I wanted to throw out another option if you are not using a remote backup system: Jungle Disk.

With Jungle Disk, you can easily, cheaply (15¢ per gigabyte), and securely transfer and store your data using’s S3 â„¢ Storage Service. I have all my data backed up to a 500 gigabyte FireWire external drive every night, but if something were to happen to my house, or my computer/drive was stolen – I am left with nothing. Knowing all my pictures, documents, music, and anything else I really need or want is available off site makes me sleep easier – and it will for you too.

Never had a drive failure or any data loss? You will – so you might as well prepare now.

Favorite Tech Web Sites

Each day I load up the same tech web sites in my browser’s tabs and I thought I would share them with everyone: