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Jappler Recommends: Trim the Fat With Facebook Status Updates

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 1 Comment

I cannot tell you how bothered I am when my “news feed” is littered with all sorts of updates about zoo this, farmville that. I like to keep up to date on family friends but I really do not care about the games they are playing which I am not participating in. Fortunately – Facebook allows you to “hide” statuses from applications. If you want to hide these as well (or anyone in your newsfeed which you might not really care about) – simply hover over the status update and a “hide” link will appear. You can either block that... Read More » Read more

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Jappler Recommends: Best Tools of the Trade

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In the last year or so I have really found a great set of tools that I use for almost any/all projects if needed. If you are considering building a web site or a web application – consider taking a look at the following (and consider using this as your “WWJU (what would Jen use) list: CMS: WordPress Javascript Library: jQuery Slideshow: jQuery Cycle Accordion: jQuery Accordion Open Source Flash Player: Flow Player JS UI Tools: jQuery Tools (overlays, tooltips, etc) JS QA Tool: JS Lint (find/correct those errors!) Web Site Best Practices: Yahoo! Recommendations Minify Tool: minify (minify your... Read More » Read more

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Jappler Recommends: jQuery TOOLS

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About a year or so back Demitrious shot me over a link to something he thought looked pretty slick: jQuery TOOLS. I took a quick look but never did anything else with it because I had my old standbys in place for most of what jQuery TOOLS offered (overlays, tabs, tooltips, etc). What does jQuery TOOLS offer? Tabs Tooltips Overlays Expose Scrollable Flashembed Last week I decided to finally step out of using what I normally used (Thickbox for overlays) and try something from jQuery TOOLS. One look at their demo and I was completely sold. The overlays were slick,... Read More » Read more

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Jappler Recommends: 2009 Finds

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I have found a lot of really cool things over the last year and wanted to share my 2009 favorites before the year was over. General Cleaning Service The money spent on hiring someone to clean is worth every penny. Dog Trainer With two more kids on the way – it was time we taught our dog some commands and respect. We have a trainer come to our house weekly and it is making a difference. Find a Trustworthy Non-Dealer Car Repairman for the Non-Dealer Essentials Generally I am a car snob, but when a brake job is double at... Read More » Read more

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My Take on Twitter

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So many people still do not get Twitter so here is my take: I was forced to get a Facebook account in order to work on an API project for a client. After a few months of using it for then personal stuff – I got completely sick of all the garbage. “X person played Y game”, “Z bought you a drink”, etc. For some people that is great – and fun…just not for me. I did walk away thinking – “I really like the way I can keep up with certain people (family, friends, etc) when they update their... Read More » Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: Little WordPress Gems

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Every once and awhile while looking through the WordPress documentation, I find little gems. Here are a few that I found particularly interesting: wp_page_menu Easily create a menu with the home page appended onto the menu with a lot of parameters. Similar to the standard wp_list_pages, but with some different possibilities the_search_query I have seen several ways to get this, but this is by far the easiest, quickest, and most secure. wp_reset_query If you use conditional tags, you will end up going crazy at some point and then will realize this is needed. Note to self everyone. Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: Custom Taxonomies

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I recently worked on a project where we needed something sort of like tagging, and sort of like categorizing – but neither really worked as there would be way too many exclude this and only show that stuff involved. I needed a way to classify certain content, have easy access to it, and display it in a manner that be effective and quick. After exhausting all ideas – someone pointed me towards using “Custom Taxonomies” and it was a perfect fit. What is a taxonomy? Simple – a way to group things. Why not use categories and or tags? An... Read More » Read more

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CSS Tuesdays: Fun With User Agents

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If you are going to do any serious CSS development and/or troubleshooting – you need to be able to see the site on as many browsers as possible. Generally – we have several browsers on several operating systems going at once so we can make sure our bases are covered. Last week I built a mobile theme for a client and after a few refreshes on my iPhone – I decided I needed something easier and more developer friendly (I needed to view source). I use the “Develop” menu in Safari (Preference > Show Develop menu in menu bar) –... Read More » Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: It is All About the Query

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My last ten or so projects I have been working on all have a common theme: maximize WordPress’s ability to be a powerful CMS. Clients more and more are coming to me with the need to create a custom fields which they can store/query data throughout their site. WordPress is completely customizable and because of this – it is easy to add custom fields to any post or page and then use the data put in them throughout the page. Example: You have all your clients listed on your web site – and have created profile pages for them. Not... Read More » Read more

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WordPress Wednesdays: All Posts in a Parent Category

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The need to show all posts in a particular category or that category’s sub categories is very high. There are not too many projects out there that do not require a customized search, a menu, or a listing of some sort where the user wants to include all posts (or exclude) that belong to a parent category. Until recently – there was no real good way to do this. You either had to hard code category names or IDs in an array, or get really creative. I recently started using the following function mentioned in the WordPress Codex that made... Read More » Read more