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Post Holiday Boxing Reset with DVRT

Boxing DVRT Workouts
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After a long week of eating and lounging – here is something to get you back on track with 10 fun but hard boxing/DVRT rounds.


Two minutes of work time, 30 seconds of break between each round. Ten Total rounds. You can either use gloves/heavy bag or pick up some light weights and shadow box for the the boxing rounds.

The rounds

* Note – I have written these out for an orthodox stance.

  1. Jab/Jab/Cross/Jab
  2. High pull/burpee (with a sandbag)
  3. Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Small Step in any direction/Cross
  4. Fast feet (football) with 4 plyo lunges every 30 seconds
  5. Jab/Cross/Jab/Step Right/Right Uppercut/Left Hook
  6. Max Lunge with clean in the middle + rotational press (with a sandbag).
  7. Jab/Cross/Jab/Cross/Slip ->/Duck <-/Left Hook/Cross
  8. Snatches (with a sandbag)
  9. Jab/Cross/Jab/Slip <-/Duck ->/Right Hook/Jab Out
  10. Cleans (with a sandbag)