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12 Round Tuesday

Boxing Workouts
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Here are twelve two minute rounds that focus on different aspects of boxing: tempo, movement, speed, power, and endurance.
Make sure to warm up with a few rounds of jump rope and then also cool down with a few rounds of shadow boxing to make this complete.

Warm up rounds: (work on doubling/tripling up your shots on occasion)
1) Straight punches
2) Hooks and uppercuts

Tempo rounds: (work on changing the tempo of the combinations)
3) Jab/Cross/L Hook/Cross
4) Jab/Jab/R Hook/L Uppercut/Cross

Movement rounds: (work on not standing still/always ready to move – small steps = big results)
5) Any combinations – no breaks in your footwork
6) Any combinations – no breaks in your footwork

Speed rounds: (work on fast combinations, move, throw again)
7) Jab/Cross/Cross/Jab
8) Jab/R Hook/R Uppercut/Jab/Cross

Power rounds: (work on one of the shots as the power shot)
9) Jab/Cross/L Hook/R Hook
10) Jab/Cross/R Uppercut/L Hook

Endurance rounds: (20s on/10s off)
11) Straight punches/Uppercuts
12) Uppercuts/Straight punches