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Quarantine at Home Boxing – The Fight Goes On!

Boxing Workouts
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Another Thursday – another at home boxing class.

Warm Up

3 Minute Rounds (if there is an “add” – do that at the minute marks)
Goal: Make sure the last move in your combo is not the punch – it is some sort of movement after the punch.

What I would really like: non-stop movement for 3 minutes. Little movements go a long way.

What I am working on (as should you): Mixing up how you hold your hands. Whip some punches out with loose hands until the snap at the end. Work to see if this helps your speed.

1) Jab/Cross/Hook
— Add Cross
— Add Hook
Focus on: mixing up tempo/moving with one of the punches)

2) Jab/Cross (Body)/L Hook/Cross (Head)
— Add Slip R/Duck L
— Add L Hook
Focus on: really extending that first cross while really turning those hips)

3) Left Hand Only
Focus on: keeping that right hand high/glued to your face. Pick your shots. Play with timing.

4) Non-stop punches
Focus on: endurance. Mind over matter.

5) Right Hand Only
Focus on: keeping that left hand high/glued to your face. Work on small steps each direction after the combos)

6) Jab/Jab/Cross
— Add Right Hook
— Add Jab
Focus on: getting that first jab back fast. Work on jab to the body too.

7) Cross/Hook/Cross
— Add Duck R
— Add R Uppercut
Focus on: fast ducks and setting up that killer right uppercut.

8) Jab/Cross/Jab/Cross
— Add Step L/L Hook
— Add Step R/ R Uppercut
Focus on: small steps to get out of the center. You only need to move a little more than width of a boxing glove. Just get your head out of the center.