A Lesson in Customer Service

For the last three months I have been dealing with a company (to remain nameless) in which I have received a faulty product. When dealing with the local option without any satisfaction or respect – I decided it was time to call the corporate office. As soon as I did – I felt like someone was actually listening and willing to make the horrible situation right by me.

At the end of the day – even though this has been an ordeal I hope I never have to go through again, I have learned a lot both as a consumer and business owner.

As a customer I kept calm while talking to everyone and tried to work towards a solution. I focused on giving the respect I would like if I was on the other side – while making my case very clear. Having everything well documented (dates, times, issues, etc) made it easy to stick on the issue itself and not my feelings. Facts speak louder than yelling.

As a business owner – I realized the importance of customer service, quality, and giving my best for every task at hand. Customers appreciate and expect the best and as a business, I need to bring it with everything we put out. No exceptions and no excuses. When things go awry, and they will at some point or another, it is then very important to then not only make sure it does not happen again, but also to focus on how we make the situation right. Making things right can be the difference in a lost customer vs. a loyal customer (as well as future customers).

While I am not excited to have spent so much time, effort, and money on this ordeal, I walk away with a few things to think about and hopefully that will make me a better person and business owner.

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