Coaster 1, LEGOs 1

After having a coaster (drink) malfunction two weeks ago which led to an even bigger computer malfunction (my first ever water issue with a computer), I almost had another issue with the same coaster/glass combo today. Thankfully my office LEGOs came in good use and the elevated computer did not sustain any water damage. I highly recommend using LEGOs for multiple office needs:

  • Pilings. Works well against flooding of all kinds (to help with today’s potential disaster)
  • Reminder. I keep some Legos around to remind myself to keep it simple and keep it interesting.
  • Platform. Cooling platform (Lego walls with spacing for air flow for my external drive that ran so hot it took the finish off my desk)
  • Creativity. When I get overwhelmed, being able to have something fun to work/play with is always a nice way to take a break and get re-focused.