Still Going After 300,000


If you know me – you know I am a big Volvo fan. My first car was a 1986 Volvo GLE and despite what my family will say – it was a great car. I have carried the Volvo torch now and am on my third Volvo – my beloved S80 T6. While I love Volvo cars for many things – I am always impressed with how people drive them, and drive them, give them to their kids, and then they drive them even more. The other day while at the store – we parked next to a Volvo with a badge (you can get badges for each 100,000 mile mark you pass). I have seen a number of 100,000 badges (and I am close to getting my own), but I saw something I had never seen before – a 300,000 mile badge. At that point I took a look at the actual mileage and saw this car was actually at 361,000. Not too bad! I hope I can hit 200,000 with my current car but to even think about 361,000 – that was a treat to see. Cheers to the owner!

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