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Washington DC

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Washington DC is a special place. When you there and walk around amongst the museums and monuments – there is a feeling that remains constant regardless of time or age. We had the perfect day this past Saturday to walk around and see the sights.

I specifically wanted to see the new MLK Jr. monument so we headed into the city on the Metro, got off at the Smithsonian stop, walked a bit of the mall and then went over to see it. This monument may be my favorite one. The messages are clear and the facial expression on the carved Martin Luther King could not be more powerful. If you have the chance – you definitely do not want to miss this.

We then headed over to the Korean War monument where I experienced an amazing moment in time. There were a number of older (70s+) with guides showing them the monument. The experience of seeing these vets view a monument that was either directly for them or for other vets from a different war that they fought in brought tears to my eyes. Seeing the vets at this monument put everything into perspective and made it all the more meaningful.

Sometimes we just need to step back from our busy lives and take a look around at some of the truly great things in life, how we got them, and what was given up in order for others have a better life. Visiting a special place like Washington DC definitely is a place that will always make me stop and appreciate these things and I am glad I took the afternoon to visit.