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There is something about looking up into the sky and realizing how small we are in comparison to everything around us. This has helped me greatly put things into perspective while also pushing me to learn more about our universe.

For a few months now I have gone back and forth on whether or not to buy a telescope. I am really interested in astronomy and have my three year old interested in it as well (we go outside and I point out any planets that are visible to the eye, etc. (Last night we looked at Jupiter) He eats it up and so do I. After looking around now for awhile – I have decided I should spend a decent amount of money so I can actually see things of interest and hopefully not get bored.

The features on the telescopes I am looking at are pretty amazing. Most telescopes come with a computer controller that have tens of thousands of object in it’s library which it then uses those to give you a “tour” of the sky on command. Regardless of where you are – you just point the telescope up, it figures out where it is pointed then will auto move and adjust to show you what is visible.

I am super excited to finally make this purchase (hopefully this weekend if I can slip out). There are also camera attachments which will take a photo of what you see – and I am sure that will be my next purchase.

— After thought —

After writing this post – I decided to just order the one I wanted. Check out some of the photos taken using the telescope I just purchase:

(I bought the Meade ETX-125AT Astro Telescope with UHTC Coatings and carrying case. I cannot wait to bring this to NY when I go back home to non-city glow country.)

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