No One Knows Me Like TiVo…

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I recently upgraded to a TiVo Premiere a few weeks ago and since the hardrive is significantly bigger than my previous Series 2 TiVo – I decided to let TiVo make suggestions of what to record with TiVo suggestions and was pleasantly surprised. I have gotten back into the original Batman series (Adam West, Gilligan’s Island, and even some Little House on the Prairie – all some of my favorite shows from my childhood).

TiVo Suggestions also recoded some great movies, documentaries, and other great TV shows so I am now able to watch pretty much whatever I want whenever I have a few minutes to relax – even if I did not purposely record it. At this point – I do not know what I like better – watching shows it records for me or seeing what new shows it thinks I would like each day.

I love TiVo!

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