Jappler Recommends: Trim the Fat With Facebook Status Updates

I cannot tell you how bothered I am when my “news feed” is littered with all sorts of updates about zoo this, farmville that. I like to keep up to date on family friends but I really do not care about the games they are playing which I am not participating in. Fortunately – Facebook allows you to “hide” statuses from applications.

If you want to hide these as well (or anyone in your newsfeed which you might not really care about) – simply hover over the status update and a “hide” link will appear. You can either block that application or the person.

This made my day!

One thought on “Jappler Recommends: Trim the Fat With Facebook Status Updates”

  1. Julie

    Thank you!!!!! I can’t stand seeing about who is building what….I have in the past thought about de-friending people just because it was too much stuff!

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