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The Only Apple x Killer is Apple

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 2 Comments

All these crazy commercials and talk about the new Droid phone makes me smile. I think back about all the proposed “Apple x killers (x = Mac, Newton, iPod, iPhone) and what makes me smile is there is no third party Apple product killer and I do not see any in the foreseeable future.

The only real threat that these products have/had is actually Apple itself. Either Apple will kill it internally (Newton) or will create something bigger and better that will replace it’s own product.

So even though I enjoyed the Droid commercials – it all sounded a bit familiar (recently with the “iPod killer” Zune) – which come on, who knows someone that has one and has got you so excited you had to have one?

Companies may try and copy, add new functionality that people want…but when it comes down to it, there is just something about those Apple products…

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Only Apple x Killer is Apple”

  1. Schalken

    Trouble is, the Zune 120 really is an iPod classic killer. It’s better in almost every way. Don’t mistake mass appeal (which the zune, admittedly, had very little of) for superiority. You wouldn’t want any one starting to think the outrageous idea that Apple fans care more about ‘style’ and popularity than substance, would you

    • Jennifer Zelazny

      Don’t worry – I do not mistake mass appeal for superiority. After all, I have been an Apple fan since the beginning and have seen the Microsoft machine push out a number of highly popular OS releases that were no way superior to other OSes out there. Same goes for TiVO (which I think is superior) over the standard cable box DVR (more popular). The examples are endless 😉

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