The New Beast

I do not know about you – but the last year has absolutely been insane work-wise. I have said it before and I will say it again. I feel like the people that still have jobs – are working at a super frantic rate. I decided to work late tonight to get caught up on a number of tasks so my weekend will be semi-enjoyable. I like working late because I feel like I can get ahead.

Tonight – much like other nights this year – just as I think I am going to get ahead by closing out as many unread messages as possible – more come in. While writing these two paragraphs – I got 3 new messages from clients.

I do not know what will happen. Will those of us who are still working…and working at this crazy pace burn out or will businesses start to see the burn out coming and actually start hiring again?

In this recession – I have found that it is not that there is less work to do – there are just fewer people that are doing it…and those people are doing the jobs of 2-3 people. What will happen…who knows, but for now it looks like I am just better off stopping work so I can get some relaxation in for the day.

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