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Media Mondays: Get Lost Again

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 3 Comments

I have been a “Lost” fan since the very beginning but grew frustrated the last two seasons. After knowing what I do now about the storyline – I decided to go back and watch the early episodes online ( – then I realized ABC was showing the early episodes late night. (ABC is broadcasting two episodes every Sunday – we are in Season 1 still).

It blows my mind how good (and sometimes scary) these early episodes are – and I am thoroughly enjoying them. Watching these episodes are just as exciting as the first time through and you get an additional bonus of knowing what is coming…so I am also excited to see details I missed etc.

If you are a “Lost” fan – check your local listings and if nothing else, set your DVR to record a few to have on hand when nothing else on TV looks good. It is definitely worth watching these all over again!

3 thoughts on “Media Mondays: Get Lost Again”

  1. Todd Carter

    You can also watch all the back episodes on the ABC website. I need to eventually get around to doing that. 🙂

    • Jennifer Zelazny

      Yes – I am definitely excited to see them online at any time! I will be spending a lot more time on the network’s online sites in the next few months as I try to go cable free (assuming ESPN’s live streaming sports is a go!)

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