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Full TV Episodes on Your Computer, Take Two

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about how you can legally watch almost all network shows on their web site. I wanted to follow up with some comments and afterthoughts. First, I feel it is necessary to say something about each network’s video player. (ABC, CBS, NBC)
Best Online Video Experience Rating

  1. ABC. By far, ABC has the best player. There are plenty of shows available, the video is crisp, it loads fast (little to no waiting), the commercials interruptions are not too frequent, and the UI is great. Overall, it is well put together.
  2. CBS. I have not watched many CBS shows online, but from what I have seen so far, I would rate their player only second to ABC. The show selection is pretty impressive (perhaps the most impressive – but I am partial…they have my soap available). The video loads fast, but is not as crisp as ABC. I think the commercials are done better then ABC (they are less disruptive and fewer). The UI is not as intuitive as ABC, but overall they did a great job
  3. NBC. This is the last network I turn to when nothing good is on TV. The video is ok, but the commercials are spliced in so poorly that it looks like something done by someone with actual film, tape, and scissors. The selection is not as good as the other two networks, and to be honest, I had the highest hopes for NBC. (I see NBC as the Yankee team in the big networks league (most wealthy). They have a lot of room for improvement.

Overall – if you STILL have not checked these full episode catalogs out – don’t you dare complain when “nothing is on”. I am sure you could find something you missed or wanted to check out but never did.