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Mac OS X 10.5 Issues: Very Few

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I have been using Mac OS X 10.5 now on my MacBook Pro for a week to test everything out before I upgraded my main development environment. I only found a few issues and they were pretty easy to fix.

  1. Text Wrangler via Cyberduck would not update any files after I made changes. I looked at a similar bug report, and updated my version of Cyberduck to the latest nightly build (2.8.1(3268)) and have not had any issues since.
  2. Amy had a mail issue after the “archive and install” upgrade where the “Send” button was greyed out, but after seeing she did not have a SMTP server configured, the problem was quickly resolved.
  3. GrowlMail was disabled when started up, but the latest update (1.1.2) took care of that issue.

Everything else is running smoothly, and I will most likely update my main development computer over the weekend. Nice work Apple!