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Full TV Episodes on the Web (Legal)

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I have been watching TV shows on the web through the big Network’s web sites (ABC, CBS, NBC) for a little over a year now when the TiVO or the TiVO user fails to catch a show I am interested in, but I really had not checked out all the big network’s full episode catalogs in awhile. I mainly go to ABC to catch up on Brothers and Sisters and had also decided to check out a few new series (I really like Car Poolers). I then decided to go to CBS and NBC’s catalogs and I was very impressed! I can even watch my soap opera Guiding Light – in full – from anywhere I have a web browser and a high speed connection. If you have not checked out the “full episode” sections of ABC, CBS, and NBC – do so next time you find yourself flipping aimlessly through the channels. There is a good chance you missed an episode of something you watch – which is now available for you free!