Jappler Recommends: Room & Board (Store).

DeskI have always been a fan of Room & Board furniture. Clean lines, quality materials, and a great showroom and web site. I am at a point where my current desk has seen better days so I decided to finally look at new desks. I wanted something simple, good looking, and well built. I looked at several stores but kept coming back to Room & Board and finally chose: The Lasalle desk. Funny – my favorite desk of all times was located in an office I worked at on LaSalle street (see photo). What is going on in that picture? We were so cramped in our office, I decided that we could make desks out of old boxes for new employees, and I decided to model them. If you like clean lines and great furniture – check out Room & Board.

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9 thoughts on “Jappler Recommends: Room & Board (Store).”

  1. Ben

    Ooh, that *is* nice. Very clean yet classic in a way. I can definitely see how you would be attracted to it.

    God, that picture brings back memories. What times we had in that office. You know, I bet you could find the exact same desks we had there… Wouldn’t that be awesome!? 😉

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  3. AMistyCrissy

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