Not So Much Fun With DirectTV

I scheduled an appointment to upgrade to Directv HD. Mind you – I get something from Comcast almost everyday about switching to their service. I have been very happy with Directv for over a year now, but it seems their customer service is a bit lacking. I had a no show/no call appointment on Monday so I called on Tuesday to see what was going on. The customer service rep told me I had to be conferenced in with the “local office”.

After over 30 minutes of waiting, the local person informed us that their computer systems were down and that he would call me back in a few minutes. Two days later, I called back because I was still waiting. This time around, I asked the customer service rep to just talk to the local office himself and call me back with the next available install appointment. This guy, at the very least, gave me a $100 credit, but informed me that he was not allowed to call me back and that someone in the “local office” was the only person that could call me. Fine. Today…after not hearing anything again – I spoke with yet another person from Directv – this time another 20 minute wait for the “local office” and as soon as we began talking – we got disconnected.

After calling back and explaining this all to yet another Directv person, I told her I refused to wait to talk to anyone at the “local office” and that I just wanted the next available appointment. She replied back: Ok – no problem…how about next week. What is the deal people? Just because you are bored all day and like to listen to the other office’s busy music does not mean that your customers also enjoy it. I hate Comcast – but I am not feeling to positive about all the wasted time with Directv now too. Ugh.

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  1. Jennifer Zelazny

    Followup: I rescheduled my appointment – the installer failed to call or show up in their installation window, so I called DirecTV and got another $100 credit. When they finally showed up, they put up the HD dish, tried to tune it, another tree was in the way, so my installation fees got waived and I am stuck with non-HD TV. I thought about calling Comcast, but they do not get the BigTen Network, and until they do, I will stick with DirecTV. Wow.

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