It's That Time of the Year Again!

Life does not get too much better than Penn State football Saturdays…and this year should be one of the best years of all time. Why? First and foremost – this will be the first full season for my son. He was born last December and saw his first Penn State bowl game (PSU won), but I really look forward to the entire season. Second, we now have the Big Ten Network. Third – we should have DirectTV HD installed as of next week. Here is to another great season with JoePa!

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3 thoughts on “It's That Time of the Year Again!”

  1. Reid

    That time of year again indeed. Michigan chokes early (on a gargantuan level) but will doubtlessly rally to beat Penn State for the 9th straight time over 11 years. Guh.

    Oh well – at least my ND – PSU tickets (got them today – gloat!) were at face value!

  2. jenz

    The Michigan game made me so happy – I know you are a fan – but I was so excited to see them lose their first game…and especially to someone like App. Now, perhaps the U of M egos will be put into check. Enjoy the ND game!

  3. Reid

    Yeah – a lot of people seemed to enjoy that. I just hope that debacle and Notre Dame’s debacle dont damage our strength of schedule such that we get excluded from a title game.

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