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Nano Tip

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I have been doing a lot of work recently on a remote server and have needed to use a text editor – so I decided to use the ever-so-easy nano. Problem is – the files I am working on are very long and editing them is not fun. I finally decided to look through the man pages (I am an emacs person myself) and found something that ended up saving me tons of time…”go to line number”. If you are editing a file and know you need to edit something on line 1245, you would type in:

nano +1245 master.css

and it would open the file to line 1245 so you do not need to scroll down. Thank you man pages!

One thought on “Nano Tip”

  1. Ben

    You know me… I can’t help to offer up my ever favorite tool. BBEdit will open files via ftp or sftp (the ssh variety). <3 ssh. <3 working in BBEdit and not in a terminal window.

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