jappler.com 14.7 update: a tune up.

Over the past few months I have been busy working on client web sites and have neglected jappler.com. I have been using WordPress for a few years now with this site and had a number of plugins, CSS styles, and other items that needed to be pruned while I wanted to spruce up and clean up some other layout items.
Summary of the jappler.com tune up:

  • Went through all my plugins and disabled and removed anything that could be replaced with a template tag
  • Removed all old and un-used CSS styles
  • Removed CSS code that I could do better or that was not needed
  • Re-validated my code
  • Added the rounded corner/drop shadow boxes around my content
  • Re-arranged my post meta information (author, date, tagged, comments, etc)
  • Began organizing my categories better
  • Removed any duplicative code and either used a WordPress function or an includes file to handle the content/code (links, search, etc)
  • Created a WordPress 404 page with my old 404 standby
  • Went through my pages and cleaned up the text and updated any outdated information
  • Re-organized my sidebars and their content
  • Removed any un-used images

Every once and awhile it is good to clean up your sites so they do not become overly bloated. Don’t know where to start – check out the list above 😉

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Jennifer Zelazny

My name is Jennifer Zelazny and this site is a collection of my random thoughts and opinions. I am Penn Stater, WordPress developer, and a modern day explorer. I love exploring data, trends, and things that make the world a better place and sharing them here.

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