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As most people know, I am a huge fan of WordPress. I get a number of potential clients that ask to help build their company or organization a web site which is easy to update without knowing any HTML. Of course – 9 out of 10 times I start talking about the benefits of WordPress. As a developer as well as someone who does not want to depend on someone else for a lot, I really like all the documentation and examples or “lessons” that are available for WordPress. When clients see all the documentation, their minds are more at ease and often feel more empowered which make me happy. If you are interested in working with WordPress or have a WordPress blog currently but are looking to do more, I recommend the following resources:

  • Working With WordPress – A one stop shop of information on everything from how to create a post to what user roles are to how to create a plugin.
  • WordPress Lessons – Basic lessons to help you get to know and feel more comfortable with WordPress
  • WordPress Advanced Topics – More advanced WordPress information if you want to use WordPress for photoblogging, create templates, etc
  • Google “WordPress Howtos” – There are several video and written tutorials out there.

Of course, I am always available for hire if you have any development needs.

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