Chicago 2016?


Chicago 2016

The city of Chicago is trying to bring the Olympics to our wonderful city in 2016. Yesterday, our mayor unveiled the “Chicago 2016” logo, which I think is awesome. In typical Chicago fashion, the logo contains a reference to our amazing skyline.

Now that I think about it a little bit, it is a little interesting that they used our buildings/skyline in the flame part of the logo since we had a little fire here a few years ago. Sort of ironic/iconic. I like the logo even more now! Great work Chicago! I can only hope we actually get the games here so we can finally show the world how amazing our city is and everything it has to offer.

On another note, go Penn State and the Chicago Bears this weekend. Penn State is playing Michigan…which is always a tough game. On the Bears front, they are undefeated and actually a joy to watch…unlike the last few years of much armchair quarterbacking from me ;).

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