9/11 and the Media


Well, five years ago today I was glued to the TV, watching two live shots while also following two breaking news text feeds at the bottom of the TV screen while surfing CNN.com. Wow. Once again, I find myself watching countless shows about 9/11 and soaking up more information about the events of 9/11 that I never knew. Personally, as a historian, this is all very interesting to me. Why? I am curious to get as much information as possible because I am very curious how this will be portrayed in the years to come. How will my children and their children see this? I like getting the personal stories of the survivors, emergency workers, and their families. I also watched the CNN re-broadcast of their live 9/11 coverage this morning. Why? When all this was happening five years ago, I was in my office, next to the Sears Tower, without any incoming information except that of Amy’s dad calling me and telling me to get home, and a high school friend who was trying to explain the events to me over the phone. While some people are very negative about all the shows, interviews, conversations, coverage, I embrace it. Let’s not forget what happened, and let’s try to better understand it so we can learn.
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