Sports Weekend Ahead


Let’s hope for nice weather for the next few days. Amy is off to the Bears game tonight with some friends, tomorrow I will be at the PGA Championship, and Sunday I am going to golf at Cary Country Club.

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Serenity Now!

The Importance of Communication

Communication is very important to me and is the basis of a good relationship – personal or business. Over the last few weeks I have seen how good communication can be very beneficial and how bad communication can lead to mistrust, tension, and overall unhappiness. Case One – Good communication. I am finishing up a […]


Camp Greyhound Summer 2006

For the last two weeks, Amy and I have been dog sitting two amazing greyhounds: Wish and Gopher. I thought I would share some cute/fun pictures of them, plus our dog Triscuit. Having three large dogs in the house has been hectic (all three taking a walk at the same time in an area with […]