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A few nights ago, while watching a show on the History Channel I heard the following quote:

It is not the choice you want, but it’s the choice you have.

As soon as I heard it I decided it was a quote worthy of writing down. The context for the quote on the show: black slaves in the US deciding whether to stay enslaved and alive, or to attempt running away and fighting for the British (Revolutionary War) and getting freedom while also risking death if they were caught running away. Obviously both choices are hard, but one must be chosen. Also, like Kyle Reese once said:

The future is not set… there is no such thing as fate, but what we make for ourselves by our own will.

All of us will sooner or later get into situations that will produce choices we may not like, but we must remember…we always have a choice. The take home message for the day…don’t live with regret. (school, family, jobs, everything)
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