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RSS Reader Recommendations?

Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 3 Comments

I have officially outgrown Safari’s RSS feed reader. I subscribe to around 100 RSS feeds and I need something better than what I have.
My short list of I would ideally like:

  • Mark as read. I use roughly three to four different computers a day and looking through the same news items because Safari cannot tell which I read is a pain
  • Browser independent. After deleting all my bookmarks in Safari (that I used to sync between computers) I am using with all my browsers. I am using Flock more and more and absolutely loving it…but I also use FireFox, Safari, and Camino. I do not want to depend on one browser

I am going to take a look at Alex King’s FeedLounge as I know Alex makes quality products. Any other reader suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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