Integration of Subversion With the Mac OS X Finder: scplugin.


I have been playing around with a number of SVN clients over the last few months, trying to find the right one to help with my development workflow. Yes, I could easily use the command line to do all of this, but come on, I am very interested in user interface. I will use both. The first SVN client I felt was usable was SmartSVN. This client gets the job done, but I never felt like it was an elegant solution. I finally decided to check out the SCPlugin so I could simply access the subversion commands from the Finder (via contextual menus). So far, I am very pleased. If you are like me…a Mac user and in need of a nuce subversion solution, check it out! (Also check out the screen shot of the contextual menu in action. And yes, that is Clarus!)

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