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Volvo 1, Souped Up Civic 0

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Well well…if it is not one thing it is the other. I went to pick up Ken this morning at O’Hare and as we were in the first toll booth, stopped, waiting for the person in front of me to pay…smash! I did not know what happened for a few minutes, but then we realized we were hit from the back. No high speeds, no air bags deployed, but I thought for sure I would walk around and see a huge dent or something on my beautiful S80 T6. When I looked around, I only saw a little scratch. Then I looked at the piece of garbage souped up Civic behind me. Their customized front was cracked in half. Sure, the guy did a hit and run (he promised he would follow us to trade info, but never pulled off the highway when we did), but Ken got his license plate. No one got hurt, and we will see what happens with my slight paint issue, but regardless…I will always smile when I think about how my car held up compared to the other “souped up” 4 cylindar piece of garbage. Have fun fixing that repair buddy.