Cool Findings


Over the past few weeks, I have found a number of really cool things that I wanted to note.

  • Find images visually with Retrievr.
  • Google Analytics. Most people have access to web statistics via their web host, or have purchased web statistics software, but this is really cool, and really easy.
  • Google Sitemaps. I have been using this for awhile. I first found this when I began working with XOOPS, then started using it with this web site. This is a great way to make sure your site is submitted to Google’s search index, then look at reports about your site.
  • Information USA. I am not sure how I mangaged to get to this web site, but it is full of just about everything you would ever want/need to know about the USA.
  • Super Cheap Stock Photos. Need a picture or two for a web site you are working on? Grab a few…with prices at $1-$3 per picture.
  • Triscuit has a new found trick – she can now “shake”! Good job Triscuit!
  • I also have a new found something…last night I learned and successfully played the first song Madonna played in public after learning the guitar: the first song in my Ground Zero movie Don’t Tell Me
  • Growl has been updated. I have written before about Growl so if you are a mac user and not using Growl yet, please try it!

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