2006 Orange Bowl


The 2006 Orange Bowl was something to see. When I found out we (Penn State) were going to play Florida State, I was a bit upset that we were playing a low ranked team (PSU was #3 and FSU was #22). I thought the game would be a complete blowout, but as we all saw…it was anything but that. As some of you know, I am not a Florida college football team at all…so a Penn State loss to Florida State would have really been upsetting. My take on Florida football: they should create a prison team so all the Florida all-stars could actually play a game. I will say that I walked away from this game with a new respect for Bobby Bowden, but Joe will always be the #1 coach for me – regardless of his wins or losses. I have never witnessed a game like the 2006 Orange Bowl in my entire life. Between the penalties (Florida State had 13 penalties for 129 yards), injuries (Tony Hunt, BranDon Snow, Paul Posluszny), triple over time, and five missed field goals…it was a rough game. Thankfully Penn State pulled through!
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