2005 in Review From My Perspective


2005 was the “year of the elite” for me. 😉 I had several eye opening and exciting experiences, but also learned some disheartening life lessons as well. Both build character.
2005 Technical Things to Note:

  • I delivered six new web sites (2 with over 1,000 members) (3 used Content Management Systems) this year
  • I brought in my first non-Apple computer in my house, a Sun machine and installed Solaris 10…several times
  • I moved to using Fedora 4 on my PowerBook
  • I finally started playing around with subversion for version control
  • I finally broke away from basic web hosting to go with a Virtual Private Server solution
  • I used my first wiki and now do not know what I would do without one
  • I set up an off site backup system for my home computers
  • I bought my first flat panel display
  • I became Apple certified
  • I had the opportunity to speak with some amazing people in CA
  • I spent a lot of time improving on my knowledge of UNIX
  • I created my own Dashboard Widget
  • I finally started using QuickBooks
  • I now use Nagios for my network monitoring tool of choice
  • I rarely browse web sites anymore…it is all about RSS feeds
  • My soap opera (Guiding Light) is now available as a podcast and I subscribe to several podcasts/listen to them on a daily basis

2005 Personal Random Things to Note:

  • Penn State is back on top
  • Politics are just that. Learn to play the game or don’t complain.
  • My daily source of entertainment/dose of reality no longer works with me
  • I was reunited with my friend Tim from PSU at the Apple Developers Conference
  • Dark Shadows: The Revival came back into my life
  • I did not figure out the Rubik’s cube
  • I played the hell out of SoCom II
  • I began drinking Diet Coke
  • I moved (most importantly I bought my first snow blower)
  • Please…communication is essential for a working relationship – business or personal
  • I learned hard work pays off, just not in all environments, all environments are not equal
  • I began playing SoCom III
  • I learned the value of tweaking a design vs. a complete overhaul
  • I picked up playing the guitar again
  • I have a few new family members
  • I golfed less than 15 times the entire year. This will change next year!
  • I played my first Links course
  • I am intrigued by quantum physics
  • I have become much more patient with people and situations

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