Big Weekend


Well well..this past weekend was another busy, but exciting weekend with lots of little surprises. The weekend started out by some good times at a local brewery that served the best pork I have ever had, hands down. Saturday was filled with a lot of work and a reminder why I do not live in the city (trying to find parking while going to two parties). Sunday was the big day. A few big purchases, which I will talk about post December 25, but I also decided to buy a new guitar. I ended up getting an Ibanez acoustic/electric (electric for GarageBand) and spent most of Sunday night trying to remember the few songs I was once able to play…and watching the instructional DVD. I decided I was either going to get a PSP or a new guitar, and decided the guitar was the better decision. A also surprised me with an early Christmas gift…SoCom 3. All in all, the biggest news happened last night…after years of swearing off diet pop, I officially decided to try to stick with Diet Coke. Yep…real and C2 free so far today. We shall see how this goes. Who would have thought?

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