day 14 with the nokia 6682 and cingular.

Well well. I am not in the best of moods. After working on an important several paragraph email for 30 minutes this morning on the train, I have made my decision to turn in my Nokia 6682 phone in the next few days. Yeah, I am not even going to see the full 30 day trial. Perhaps at this point you are asking yourself…30 minutes on one email? Yeah, that is right. Without a QWERTY keyboard…that is what you get. So at the 30 minute mark…my phone decides to freeze. Freeze hard so I am forced to restart, and lose my message. This is not the first time the “messaging” features have caused havoc, but it will be the last. As I am writing this, I am thinking I will got to Cingular next week and turn my phone in….and wait for the Treo 700p. I am a heavy email user, as I have 45 minutes on the train each morning and night. I need to be able to reliably send and receive email. The email interface on the Nokia 6682 is horrible…and I miss my Treo stylus and touch screen. Even though I have wild buzzing noises when I call…at least I can get some work done. Now…will Cingular screw me into a contract for switching back? That is the question.

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