I love TV. I love to watch TV, I love to talk about TV, and I love TiVo. What I do not love is not being able to properly connect my TiVo to my receiver/digital cable box/TV and I really hate when I lose the remote. I can be as lazy as the next person, but man…when you get a new cable set up and you need your remote to reprogram the TV…and you cannot find the remote…it is PBS until you fall asleep and then wake up and realize it is still on. Yeah, I learned a lot about Africa two nights ago, and was pretty much asleep before I could even get into any program last night, but today has to be the day I solve the mystery of the missing remote.

As for why I have not been blogging as much as usual…I have been busy unpacking boxes (looking for the remote). I will hopefully be back in the swing of things next week. I have lots to say (especially since I have not had a good Mac OS X Server post in awhile. Time to bust out the 10.4 Server DVD and comment away. First up: Set up the server perfectly, then change the IP (just for laughs). If it works…I will consider using it. If not, I will laugh some more.

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  1. Dad M

    What!! Are you kidding???? Are actually saying that you do not have all those boxes unpacked and everything put in its proper place yet?? What have you been doing? Only kidding – everything in time and I know that you will not be unpacking tomorrow afternoon. Go PSU!

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